The INFLCR platform now has the ability to utilize artificial intelligence facial recognition to identify ambassadors in content for easy tagging. The software uses an uploaded headshot to identify facial features within a photograph and will suggest a tag if it matches 95% of an identified person. Because this is a facial recognition software, AI will only work on content of those whose faces can be clearly identified (helmets and face masks block the view of facial features). 

To begin using AI, each brand ambassador needs a headshot in the system. To do this, log in and select Brand Ambassadors under Content Hub, and click the specific group the users are in. Now click the name of the ambassador and select Edit User on the right hand side of the page.

Under Optional Info select a file for “Profile Image” and check the ‘Opt in for AI Tagging” box. From this point forward, all pictures uploaded to the account will check for AI and suggest tags for anyone it can identify in the photo. It does not suggest tags for any content previously uploaded. 

After uploading a gallery, AI will suggest tags for ambassadors it feels is a match to their headshot. If it is not 95% confident, AI will not suggest, and the content will need to be tagged as normal. Photos that are suggested will ask "Is This XXX XXX?" with a check mark or an X to confirm or deny the AI tag. Remember that AI is just a suggestion, and the manager will still need to confirm to apply a tag. 

I’ve uploaded a headshot, but AI never captures the user. Why?

There could be a number of reasons why AI does not pick up a tag. Make sure that the headshot uploaded into the ambassador’s account is high resolution and that facial features can clearly be seen. If a person has changed their hair or facial features, AI may be confused and will not attempt to suggest. With a confidence threshold of 95%, AI will not suggest a tag unless it is confident that user is featured in an image. 

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