Branding images with a logo, hashtag, banner, or any other graphic asset can be done within INFLCR. Follow these steps to stamp your content:

First, to upload a graphic asset, click Brand Logos under the Content Hub. 

The image used for your logo within the INFLCR platform has already been uploaded and is ready for use. To upload a new image to use, select UPLOAD in the top right and add an image. You’re now ready to start branding!

Select the gallery with the content you would like to brand. If the content is not in INFLCR yet, create and upload the content in a gallery first. 

Under “Actions” click “Brand Media” and select the content to be branded. 

Next, select the asset, position, opacity, and size. Preview the content and toggle between effects to get the stamp just right. Now, you can either choose “Brand in Current Gallery” to add the effect to a copy of images in this gallery, or you can create a new gallery to host these branded images. If you choose to create a new gallery, be sure to check YES to ensure that those tagged in the original content are also tagged in the branded content.

Realize that branding your photos will never delete/replace the original file, only duplicate it with your logo. 

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