When you open the app, does the first screen you come to look like this? 

Or maybe you have a picture at the top and some social stats, but it still looks blank underneath? 

No worries. This is where tagged content will appear. If this section is blank, it means the administrative users for your account have not tagged you in anything yet. You can still access, share, and download content using the Events tab at the bottom of the screen even if you have not been tagged. 

If you social stats are displaying zeros and/or you do not have an image displaying at the top: 

  1. It could be because your profile was recently created. Give it about 24 hours to populate. 
  2. It's also possible that your social handles were not input for your profile. If you do not see social stats update after 24 hours, contact a member of our team. 

Note: You will still be able to share to any social channel whether or not social stats are populating. When you click Share on a piece of content, INFLCR will link to the social media apps/accounts logged in on your phone. 

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