Social Search allows you to track custom keywords that are specific to your brand. For example, you may want to know when one of your brand ambassadors are using a specific hashtag, is talking about a specific event, or mentions one of your competitors. This feature will allow you to receive a notification anytime a brand ambassador uses the keyword in their caption. 

Be aware that this system is very literal. With that, you may want to include multiple versions of your keyword (abbreviations, hashtags, etc.) that you anticipate your brand ambassadors will use.

Similarly to banned words, you can click on the social search term you created for a list of brand ambassador posts that have utilized that word.

Creating A New Social Search

On Desktop

To create a new custom search, click the Notifications tab on the left hand menu and click Social Search. You will then see a blue button that says Create Search. Here, you will put in the keyword you are wanting to track. From the point of creation forward, the system will begin scanning the posts of your brand ambassadors for this keyword. 

On The App

You can also create Social Searches on the app. To do so, go to the Alerts section of the app. You will then see a red plus sign. Click that and you will be prompted to create a new Alert.

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